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Happy Vibes

It is always an excitement for me to share. It makes me happy that my client investors are profiting from my recommendations. I enjoy spreading positive happy vibes through my sharing of what works and what does not. 

However, the final decision still lies with you, choosing what to do, after you have considered and reflected over finances, opportunities and your needs.


Are New Launches the Best?

Firstly, new launches offer the latest in design, technology and amenities, which is especially attractive to younger buyers.
Secondly, new properties are often more energy-efficient and sustainable, which appeals to buyers who are environmentally conscious.
Thirdly, new properties offer a blank canvas for buyers to create their own dream home, without the need for extensive renovation or refurbishment.
Lastly, new properties often come with attractive financing options and incentives, making them a more attractive investment option for savvy investors.

There are of course criterion and attributes of each new project that you look for in a property that will yield you :

1) Capital Appreciation

2) Cashflow  ( if it comes with rental )

3) Capital Build Up 


FInd out more in consultation with me for this checklist and my investment strategies which I am happy to share with you.